Player webmaster posted a message on 26/05 14:15 on the MadLotto Forum: πŸ’₯ News of 05/26 πŸ’₯. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  πŸ’₯ News of 05/26 πŸ’₯
26/05/2021 14:15:29

πŸ’₯Hello everyone :)

The entire Dream' team would like to apologize for the interruption this morning due to a technical problem with the maintenance of our servers. The maintenance shouldn't cause any cuts, but there was a bug!

This Wednesday's FB game on MadWin , ZooValley , Wonderz , MadLotto and Mafia inc. is postponed until tomorrow :)

Good games to all!

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