Player webmaster posted a message on 17/12 14:15 on the MadLotto Forum: πŸ’₯ News of 12/17 πŸ’₯. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  πŸ’₯ News of 12/17 πŸ’₯
17/12/2020 14:15:55

πŸ’₯ Hello again everyone :)

Just a little info to warn you, the SC took advantage of some technical adjustments to our SC interface (which explains the current delays in processing your messages) to fill the Prize Shop with many Prizes because we didn't have time since September to replenish the shops with new Prizes :)

Have a good time !

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Date of message edition 17/12/2020 14:15:55

21/12/2020 22:13:18

It would be great news if the Prizes were sent. Window shopping is nice but it has its limits πŸ˜‰ As for the SC, it is always absent subscribers, like transfers.

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