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Subject :  Maintenance Sites
04/09/2018 10:56:33

Hello everyone,

As you account, all our sites were out this morning.
Indeed, we carried out a maintenance during the night which unfortunately lasted longer than expected.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Also, to compensate for these Discover More problems, we will soon double your free rounds for a week.

The Web'.

13/09/2018 09:16:29

hello, I don't know where to write ,indeed I can't change my address because I moved (every time I connect well but when I want to change only my address it bursts)thank you

04/09/2018 11:12:39


Seriously, are you going to double the number of Rounds? And as always, it's going to be hard to Play them.
Why not double the number of points?

04/09/2018 11:12:00

a big thank you to you and all the staff around you, have a good day

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