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Subject :  NEW Game of the Month: ONCE UPON A TOY
31/05/2016 09:57:46

Hello everyone,

Ready to Fall Back as a Child in the World of Once Upon a Toy? Discover our new Game where you can win a nice Wire!

Visit the different worlds of the Toy Village, treat yourself to an Inn that you will transform into a Castle.

It's up to you to Play the big kids 😉 The


07/06/2016 15:21:21

is this the famous large-scale project?

07/06/2016 08:19:03

Thank you very much for the information.
Have a good game, everyone.

06/06/2016 20:29:57

yes, it is noted in the Rules and Regulations '' and repeated by the web seems to me it 😉 '' All the chips Coins played are lost.

02/06/2016 09:46:22


I had a lot of Coins for the previous game. I don't have it anymore! Is this normal?

01/06/2016 21:58:20

Very nice but despite the purchases no Mode get an entry to Play in the village. I do good credit shopping though. Décue🤨

01/06/2016 21:25:39

Good evening, always the same games with different graphics... No more surprises and always as expensive... We wait months for the game of the "MONTH". Disappointed 🙁

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