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Subject :  Gladiator II - Extension
23/05/2016 18:19:17

Hello 🙋, I

inform you that the game Gladiator II is postponed for a short week.

A little more patience to Have a Look our new game 😎 🙁y): !

Good games to all! 🍸 The

Web 🌹

27/05/2016 12:09:41

Hello everyone!

Reminder: Gladiator II will indeed end on Monday May 30th at 5pm to make way for our next Game "One upon a Toy".
I let your imagination operate:)

For the Zeus challenge, regardless of the number of Cups in progress, we will proceed with the draw as is: that is, even if less than 5 Coins have been bet, the Cups will be revealed!

And don't worry, there may be a shortage of gas, but we don't have a shortage of Prizes 😉 Have a good

weekend at everyone The


23/05/2016 22:51:16

Good evening Webmaster

Thank you for reporting the report of Gladiator II

Good evening


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