Player webmaster posted a message on 20/10 09:39 on the MadLotto Forum: Gladiator II - Hall of the Gods Gains. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Gladiator II - Hall of the Gods Gains
20/10/2015 09:39:23

Hello everyone 🙋, do

you want to earn even more?

Well, good news! The Hall of the Gods' earnings on Gladiator are increasing! 😂 You

can win between 20 euros and very attractive Prizes!

Yes, the Gods have decided to be generous this year. Then take your chance! 🙁y):

The Web 🌹

20/10/2015 11:00:52


I can't put credit on the games right now

I'm playing games ,on zombie, batch cache, cup of coffee, and another one here it is

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