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Subject :  GLADIATOR: New Version
05/05/2014 10:47:15

Hello 🙋 There

's something new on Gladiator!

From now on, there are 5 accesses to Zeus' challenge in the Hall of the Gods (instead of 3 before).

In addition, only 5 Gold Coins (instead of 10) must be bet on the Zeus challenge to complete the challenge. And there is no longer a division of the win when several members bet on the same Cup.

The maximum win for the Zeus challenge is now 1500 Euros!

Thanks to these changes, there will be gains much more often on Gladiator!

Jen takes the opportunity to congratulate the winners of Winners 1st Zeus Challenge who together won 5100 Euros!

Congrats hoobastank2012, rvg91, dolul, sylv123, nicolefrance and micomico!

The Web

23/05/2014 00:37:14

Good evening Fifi! Your bonus luckHelp you to make a double or nothing if you access the prize window...good luck.

05/05/2014 13:10:06

It's a good one initiative🙋

05/05/2014 12:16:56


While playing GLADIATOR, I won a "Bonus Chance".
I'd like to know what this is for. 🤔 Thank

you in advance A


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