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Subject :  Zombie Academy: something new!
20/11/2013 11:04:16

Hello 🙋

More news on Zombie Academy!

We have decided to double the number of Coins offered with your account reloads!

In addition, the Trophy Room has been reduced to 80 trophies!

Otherwise, there are still 2 Wires 1000€ up for grabs !

The Loots the Trophy Room are only renewed when these two 1000€ Wires are won!

So who will be the next winner?

Good games to all!
The Web'.

24/11/2013 00:24:02

I know I'm happy... but restart the game to get back to the same number of squares on the grid, and maybe the same Loot in the end........bug what an improvement! we just deleted the free rounds...

20/11/2013 12:21:20

hello to all the zombie game is too expensive thank you 😢

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