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Subject :  New Game: Zombie Academy
16/10/2013 22:53:30

Hello 🙋

Welcome to the Zombie Academy!
Discover our new game and win up to 500 Euros in the Trophy Room!

Come and join us in the Campus, you can Play with your free rounds!
Join the Zomby Party, make your Who'Z Who and measure your Cool Meter!

So who will be the best student, who will win the most trophies?

Good games to all!
The Web

25/10/2013 00:47:40

Good evening, I don't know where the other people's points come from, but tonight on zombie island I got two Turns. Grant your violins

20/10/2013 22:44:43

The How it Works is nice, but there are really too many huts at too high a price I think, for the same purpose as on cash island, which had many other "real Loots".... A little disappointed (despite the free rounds, which are a plus for many players and thank you 😉) But it's hard to win there...

20/10/2013 14:48:06

very nice game, varied and very funny, congratulations to the creators.

19/10/2013 22:10:04

It's really nice to be able to Play with our free rounds, even if we win less (logic 😉
Is it for the whole duration of the game, or just for the launch?
Thank you in advance for your frankness, which will not take anything away from the trust that the majority of players, including myself, have Round you, cdlt.

16/10/2013 23:01:43

big problem when the Loot is won the grid of trophies is not renewed its made more than 1 hour that I try to make clicks I managed to make 30

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