Player webmaster posted a message on 25/09 11:12 on the MadLotto Forum: CASH ISLAND: end date postponed. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  CASH ISLAND: end date postponed
25/09/2013 11:12:52

Hello 🙋,

Just a few more days to try to become the master of Cash Island and win 2,000 euros.

Its end date is postponed to 08/10.

Good games to all! 🍸 The


15/10/2013 16:33:30

Hate to see this new game 😂

08/10/2013 21:12:25

Hello 🙋 I

inform you that we need a new deadline before we can offer you our new game... which fully justifies the use of the new word ! ;-)
So we need a little more time!

In short, we decided to Next Cash Island until October 15th at 5pm. Which still gives you time to win a few Panthers while our team works hard, hard, hard, hard!

Good games!
The Web'.

07/10/2013 12:15:55

Too bad it's over I've only been playing it for 1 week and I thought it was a great game and I would have liked it right from the beginning but it will be replaced by another game? As well as I hope

25/09/2013 15:01:23

Hello 🙋

Indeed the game will be removed on October 8.
If you have Coins, you will have to use them imperatively first, otherwise they will be lost!

Good games!
The Web'.

25/09/2013 11:55:29

Hello then if I have understood your message well the game will exist will be nice?
Thank you good day and especially good games 🙂

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