Player CelonyCity posted a message on 21/08 16:23 on the MadLotto Forum: 100% of Credits and 100% of Coins offered. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  100% of Credits and 100% of Coins offered
21/08/2013 16:23:58

Hello to all the Madwineux, what does it mean: Thanks to your discount voucher benefit from 100% of Credits and 100% of Tokens offered on your next purchase of Credits ! its advertising look without real offer ! thank you and good games

14/09/2014 23:31:08

Do we have free rounds every day?

🙋 15

indeed 🎤

14/09/2014 12:09:59

Do we have free rounds every day?

17/06/2014 11:11:43

Hello 🙋 If

you are talking about the offers that were sent by e-mail in February, as we said at the time, it was a test operation conducted for a month and did not give the expected results, so it was abandoned.

Good games!
The Web'.

14/06/2014 23:35:13

Good evening, when will we have new credit offers? And don't tell me soon, we've been waiting for ages.......

11/03/2014 20:50:02

Hello 🙋 The 100%

offer actually doubles your credits and tokens Coins your next purchase.
For example, on a 20 Euro credit card top-up, you will receive 164 credits instead of 82, and 54 Coins instead of 27.

Good games!
The Web'.

08/03/2014 04:49:22

Yes, that's the remark I was about to make; I would have taken for 50 euros but I just account that there was no profit to take more since reduced to a unit, whether you take for 20 euros or 50 euros, it's always 0.05555555...
Too bad an effort isn't made at this level! That would be commercial!

Yours... anyway, I'm having fun for free for now, waiting for a better proposal?

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