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Subject :  Dots!
01/08/2013 19:13:34


Can we transfer the points we collect from the other affiliated gaming sites (MadWin style) to QuoVerbis?!

23/03/2017 00:04:31

A silly question, what can we do with the points earned on QuoVerbis? (I have 2422 points)I ask, because the points won outside QuoVerbis, such as Bonus Words in free games (I have 465 points) can be used to Play the lottery, "monaco" style "juxebox" etc... Thank you for enlightening me.
Thank you.

20/08/2013 17:41:45

Hello 🙋 No

Points are not transferable from one site to another, except for Points earned on MadLotoMadLotto

Good games!
The Web'.

14/08/2013 18:02:58

I think so, but you need a certain status to be able to do it! Look at your position in credit buying!

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