Player mystyk0 posted a message on 26/06 23:31 on the MadLotto Forum: challenge jackpots with points or for a fee. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  challenge jackpots with points or for a fee
26/06/2013 23:31:11

good evening,

as I didn't get an answer before, I just wanted to ask if "public" jackpots were assigned differently, like "paid challenges" jackpots. I mean that if you win the jackpot in one game (free or not) the pure jackpot in another game remains the same (the jackpot being awarded but the game or mode remaining different.)

25/11/2015 14:26:55


I don't know that she games talk to you,
because I don't see jackpot games!!!!!!

12/07/2013 20:07:07

Well, my naiveté has finally paid off! (for once 😉) I
hope that the next lucky one will be rewarded faster!

Good luck to all!

08/07/2013 22:33:47

Good evening, I think the challenges are pretty tough as it is. Moreover, when you bet 0.60 cents to win a jackpot or 1 euro (40.00 cents profit)

I know that you can't allocate fabulous amounts (you have to win.) but the challenges for the points are expensive. 1000 points out of 5 players to win 2000, we lose tons. and I'm not talking about the paying challenges. I'm participating because I'm naive and full of hope; but winning the jackpot, excluding the player who tries for the first time... it's only an illusion.

You should either reduce the cost or reduce the amount by reducing the number.


04/07/2013 19:02:09

Hello, sorry, I can't tell you.

02/07/2013 16:07:20

Hello 🙋 yes it

's only one for all the games!

The Web'.

02/07/2013 15:40:27

Hello Web,

I take advantage of your being in the area:)
So if I understood correctly (as it is not easy to explain and as I am a long time to relax.) there is only one Silver and bronze jackpot on all the games and not one Silver jackpot for example for parimots, and another for the cardenstein game?

Thank you. Thank you.

02/07/2013 15:15:25


there is only one Silver Jackpot and one Bronze Jackpot.

Good games!
The Web'.

01/07/2013 17:59:49

hello, no, I'm talking about the winnings awarded in the 1000 point, 3 credit or 0.60 ct challenges, not the jackpot Catch A Prize jackpots, or other Loot games.

01/07/2013 13:52:49

I didn't really understand the question?

are you talking about games like prize fishing, arabesque and sperm whale?

If you look for example arabesque , it is indicated the number of prize likely to be won. Either 1 single jackpot, 29 Wire for €100, another Wire and also 32,848 for a single click in paid games.

If we round up to a discovered prize every 10 minutes or 144 per day, then it takes almost 228 days to win all 1 click, and there are also 2 clicks and Wire
so that's why the jackpot is rarely won.

And even if it's won, I think all the prize have to be won to reset the thing and be able to win the jackpot again.

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