Player webmaster posted a message on 29/04 19:31 on the MadLotto Forum: Raptor 2 Mission: End of May 14th. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Raptor 2 Mission: End of May 14th
29/04/2013 19:31:00

Hello 🙋 I

inform you that Mission Raptor 2 will end on May 14th!

Good games!

The Web

06/05/2013 07:38:51

THANK YOU WEBMASTER, it is very nice to READ & to us RÉPONDRE🙋

03/05/2013 11:52:53

Hello inv11,

In this kind of problem, I invite you to write to customer service who may be able to help you solve your problem!

Good game:)

01/05/2013 06:55:16

Read, very good news but I can't Play because the wheel is buggy! Is this just happening to me? 🙁

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