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Subject :  Credit by SMS
10/07/2012 15:30:59

Hello, Hello, I made a payment by text message of 4 euros for credit.
I received them well but I did not receive the bronze dream card.
I don't know how to Play stadium or zodiac either. And I didn't double the madpoints.
Is this normal?

Thank you to you

01/10/2013 13:44:18

Or, maybe they don't dare let us know, that the team will remove them? Considering all the reforms undertaken recently! It may be uninteresting for MadWin! It's if it was a shame!

25/09/2013 20:43:41

Okay, thank you.

24/09/2013 14:15:47

for SMS codes, there is a delay to Confirm them! if the date is August, I believe your codes will be invalidated!

23/09/2013 20:47:44

Thank you, but I have already sent several complaints to customer service who answers me every time there is a problem and they will contact me again when the problem is solved. Good evening

20/09/2013 21:05:38

Good evening, I find it very long that we can no longer buy credits by SMS because the breakdown has been going on since the beginning of August and I hope that we can use the unused codes if it works again one day!!!!!

20/09/2013 17:54:59

if you want a technical answer, ask customer service!

19/09/2013 08:49:00

🙋bonjour everyone still
can't buy credits by text message! it's a shame! I hope the pb will be solved soon! have a good day!🍸

20/08/2013 20:01:23

for the moment it doesn't work anymore the purchase of credit by mobile!

15/08/2013 20:42:17

Hello, I'm new to this game and yesterday I saw that you can pay for credits with the mobile package, but today I went to see in "credit purchase" and this payment option is no longer there.
Could someone please help me? 🙂

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