Player EGH13579 posted a message on 07/04 10:02 on the MadLotto Forum: Problem with no 15 free rounds Saturday.. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Problem with no 15 free rounds Saturday.
07/04/2012 10:02:45



Not knowing where to report this problem and having already contacted customer service who told me that this is not the subject of a complaint, I post it here.

There, you idiot every day, we have 15 free rounds, but as last Saturday, today, I didn't get the 15 free rounds games.

Is it a bug, knowing that I didn't use them because they didn't exist.

I would like more details and that this bug be fixed, in the Rules and Regulations, it is not indicated that Saturday is excluded from free rounds


12/04/2012 09:33:55

Precisely I looked at theaccount history, but it's true if no Round is credited because of a bug, we can't Play them and therefore the Round played won't be in theaccount history.
There should also be a account history free rounds such as boosters and paid credits.

11/04/2012 18:31:11

Hello everyone,

Just to confirm that problems can occur regardless of'status' (whether or not you buy credits).

Good games to all and good continuation to the team by thanking them for their seriousness!

11/04/2012 10:23:54

Hello 🙋, I

reassure you, you are entitled to your 15 free rounds every day whether it is a weekday or a weekend day.

However, I would like to remind you that Customer Service can only compensate for Rounds debited from theaccount history and that have encountered an incident. You will understand that in the interest of fairness to other players, the department concerned cannot refund you for Rounds not debited to your account.

You should also know that Customer Service is attentive to all players, whether they are paying or not, and tries to resolve your incidents as quickly and efficiently as possible, regardless of your status on the site.

Have a good game at 😎!

The Web'.

11/04/2012 01:03:32

you still have to talk about it, anyway, this site is one of the few fairly generous and honest gaming sites I know now.

This is not a complaint but a simple request for an explanation and a bug report.

In the meantime, during the middle of the day, I had the 15 free rounds.

I still want everyone to be equal even if free rounds not credited on the day is not a big loss, we only lose the opportunity to Play a game, not theSilver that is the subject of claims.

There you go.

09/04/2012 18:39:50


It must have happened to me once or twice, but since these are free rounds rounds, it doesn't have much of a consequence, it's better to drop it and apply more the next day, it's no big deal.

Customer service is not one to try to stop you from Play , in the correspondences I have read they have always been correct.

Good luck for the next games.


09/04/2012 16:25:15

On Saturday, we also have the 15 free rounds.
I don't think customer service will answer you because you don't buy credit like me.
I have not encountered this problem to date.

Let's not be too difficult because it's a free games site with 15 Rounds and as we don't buy, we have to accept it like that and avoid complaints.

Good afternoon, good afternoon.

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