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Subject :  New game of the month: TITANS!
17/02/2012 10:21:02

Hello 🙋, The

new game of the month is here after a titanic job done:).

With TITANS, choose your side thanks to the bonuses: Black Knight, White Knight, what strength will you join?

Click on the grid and try to Have a Look access to the Titan challenge. If you meet the Merchant, be stronger than him! Then access the Tomb of the Kings. Behind each weapon is a prize or access to the Black Mage Game or the White Magician Game. Win up to 2,000 euros in the Black Mage game and 5,000 euros in the White Magician game!

Congratulations to our graphic team who once again presented us with a very nice work 👏!

Good luck to all!

The Web

21/02/2012 19:48:10

Very good work of the team!!! 🙂 4 potential spoils

per grid and finally readability compared to Voodoo. Congrats !

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