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Subject :  NEW! Eldorado Loot Game
05/12/2011 10:01:00

Hello 🙋, We have

just released a new Loot Game gameLoot Game on MadwinMadWin Trésors de lAtlantide on Quoverbis QuoVerbis Hour on CadovillageCadoVillage

Dive into these 3 different worlds: Machu Picchu, Atlantis and the beehive 😎

In the first level of the game, discover bonuses, points and medallions / VIP passes. To access the second level of the game, you need to find a medallion/ Vip pass associated with the crypt/ VIP room. Of course, the more powerful your medallion/ VIP pass is, the higher your winnings will be.

You can win up to 2,000 euros in the most important crypt/ VIP room by winning 3 even or double in a row.

Good luck and good game!

The Web

05/12/2011 10:45:22

As usual, it's always, very, very beautiful! Congrats the whole team!
(On the other hand, it's still a shame that everything is just a recycling of the games of the month... I'm surprised I haven't seen cashcube yet!!!!!)

On the game, I think there are some black spots:
- The renewal of the grid which requires the discovery of the 2 tiger and snake medallions. If the tiger is found at the beginning of the Round, I'm not sure I understand what would make you want to click to find the equivalent in 12 cases out of 13 of a CAL Loot 6 credits, while clicking on the game costs 14 credits... so much to Play CAL and in addition we will at least have the choice of the prize!
I therefore think that the renewal of the grid should be done for the discovery of the tiger.
- There is a greater disparity in earnings on this version. (Larger grid, less important gains with the Loot in 12 cases out of 13...)
- The status of master. I already thought it was a shame on the masters, but here it is even more so! Why don't the master's crypts return the 10%? As much, on the masters, there is the bonus "choice of the master" which gives an advantage to Next to Play as a master (... except that with only 4 squares, the choice is quickly made!) but on Eldorado, there is no interest to Next Play as a master and therefore either you stop Play or you play with the account another site. So this rule is a little silly!

Otherwise, I say once again Congrats !!!!! The site has been greatly renewed in recent weeks... to our great pleasure!

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