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16/06/2011 15:35:15

Hello 🙋 It'

s nice to win two gold masks that must win 500 000 Madpoints (the problem is to win them on the same grid!) Why Madwin would MadWin cut the pear in half or 250 000 Madpoints when you have 2 gold masks. I guess I'm not alone in this case. What do you think? Do you have any other proposals and what does Madwin proposeMadWin

Thank you for your answers ðŸŽĪ

16/06/2011 17:21:04


Moreover I allowed myself to open the same subject on the wall wall there is a problem there.

Feel free to talk about it here or on the wall 🙁y): ðŸŒđðŸŒđ😎ðŸŒđðŸŒđ

16/06/2011 16:58:53

Hello 🙋

After winning a gold mask, I went to read the Rules and Regulations like you, I noticed that the gold mask was only valid in the current grid. 😈

Since then, the grid has changed a lot but, apparently, my gold mask is still relevant since it still appears in "your news". At least I hope so, if not, it's ridiculous to let this info appear ðŸĪŠ If Mr

. Web could give us an answer, it would enlighten us 😂 Failing

to keep my gold mask, I join salvini for his idea, being more greedy: 1 gold mask found : 250,000 points !!! Besides, I agree with this idea and I give you back my gold mask for 250,000 points. 😂 No?

It doesn't work that way?????? 😀😀 Come on, we

're still thinking about it ðŸĪĄ ðŸŒđ😎ðŸŒđ

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