Player webmaster posted a message on 23/05 13:35 on the MadLotto Forum: EDEN: Prizes list of the Apple Box. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  EDEN: Prizes list of the Apple Box
23/05/2011 13:35:34

Hello πŸ™‹

following a request made on the wall , I am informing you below of the Prizes currently available when you discover the Apple Box on Eden.

4 GB SD Memory Card
BD Le Petit Spirou My arithmetic teacher
Comic Lucky Luke Pinkerton
Paperback M.Levy The First Night
Paperback F.Vargas An Uncertain Place
Comic book Le Petit Spirou T15
Comics The Cat T16
BD Largo Winch T17 Black Sea
Paperback G.Musso The Paper Girl
MH Clark Pocket Book I Gave You My Heart
J.Grisham Infiltrate Paperback
D.Brown Paperback The Lost Symbol
BD Leonard T40
Comics Women in white T33
BD Leonard T41 Genie Stop
CD Nolwenn Leroy Bretonne
Paperback K. Pancol The Squirrels of Central Park…

Good games!
The Web'

24/05/2011 13:30:48

The chick key ring is for hanging the keys of the Ferrari πŸ™n):

24/05/2011 11:12:56

πŸ™‹ Thank

you for the answer 😎 Well,

finally, it's better not to fall into it πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Good day to

all 🎀

23/05/2011 21:51:12

Hello πŸ™‹ no

problem, the Feast allows you to choose from the following selection:

Oval Key Holder Magnifying Glass Magnifier Key
Holder Plush Key Holder Chicken Hand

Magnet Folding
Brush Mobile Attachment Sun
Mobile Attachment Flower
Brand Magnetic Page

Good games!
The Web'.

23/05/2011 21:27:54

πŸ™‹ As

you reveal the apple list, I would like to know what the Feast bonus contains? since it allows you to win a prize to choose from the proposed list and I never had the chance to run into it 😡

23/05/2011 14:49:08

Yes pop indeed I came to your rescue!
I don't know what happened!!!

The Web'.

23/05/2011 14:28:56

πŸ™‹ Une

ferrari lol πŸ™y): It's good I've seen it all over the Cannes Film Festival and I'm going to see it again for the F1 Grand Prix in Monaco!

Personally, I'd prefer a hummer.

As a consolation prize instead of the apple (πŸ™y):

23/05/2011 14:19:31

Who disappeared right after?! Web went through that or I dreamt it!

23/05/2011 14:18:28

Well, it's new now my posts are doing fivefold posts!

23/05/2011 14:14:11

You know I prefer to leave with a pocket book rather than with nothing at all... As for the game of the quarter, the game is good on the concept, it is the concept of selection by the wheel that I question , even if I had won only DVDs and well I will be less frustrated than winning NOTHING
But it is true that I would prefer to leave with a Ferrari, a blu-ray player or an iPhone!

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