Player tigra68 posted a message on 19/02 18:55 on the MadLotto Forum: Transfer of Credits. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Transfer of Credits
19/02/2011 18:55:18

Hello everyone!

I would like to know if there is a delay for credit transfers because I transferred credits from my QuoVerbis account to my MadWin account about 10 minutes ago and I still don't have them on MadWin...

someone knows??

thank you for the answer!

28/03/2011 09:14:37

but I also exchanged my points for credits and I was told that I don't have any credits

20/02/2011 10:00:18

Hello🙋 Only

Customer Service (which like many of us enjoys a well-deserved rest on weekendsend😂) can solve personal problems.

So I encourage you to Confirm them a little message and they will check it all out earlier this week!

Until then I wish you a good relaxing Sunday!)

The Web'.

20/02/2011 09:51:49

Well, here I am, I got 20 credits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! never
again would I make transfers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
since last night still nothing on my MadWin account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
really take people for fools!

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