Player guigui89000 posted a message on 02/11 23:01 on the MadLotto Forum: Credit not added !!!. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Credit not added !!!
02/11/2010 23:01:03


I have a big problem, after entering a profitable code in the corresponding Box, the page started to load and put me back in the home without adding my credits!
Fortunately I do an Impr Syst before each code, I wanted to try again with the same one is there they tell me that it is not a good code!
How to do...???? 🙁 Thank

you in advance:)

03/11/2010 23:27:09

Good evening 🙋 In

these conditions contact the SC of madwin MadWin give them all the information you have 😎 Good

evening 🎤

03/11/2010 22:17:55

Thank you for your answer:)

I thought about it but I think it was MadWin who blundered and not profitable, since when I entered the code, when I reloaded it gave me back to thehome and then the code no longer worked.

03/11/2010 20:16:57

Hello ! 🙋 Go

directly to Contacts
(top) then Technical.....

Have a good evening.

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