Player dacana posted a message on 04/10 15:33 on the MadLotto Forum: Problem of free spins!. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Problem of free spins!
04/10/2010 15:33:16


On the site, they say either to register with the partners listed or buy something from them..... I have registered with several partners, but I still haven't received my free rounds. How long does it take to receive them?

Thank you for your collaboration and have a good end of the day 🙋

05/10/2010 06:29:46

In MadWin's interest, it may be better to abandon this partnership, which is not operational and may discourage us as loyal players.

04/10/2010 22:34:47

Thank you raphi62200 for your answer.... yeah I'll do the same I think I will (abandon this system) it's true that I've been trying for a while and it really doesn't work... it's very unfortunate though that it doesn't work!

Thank you again

04/10/2010 19:37:05

🙋Bonsoir Dacana !

🗎 It is specified on the site: NB

IMPORTANT: Please wait the time indicated (according to the offers below) for the crediting of your booster rounds Only SponsorPay and TokenAds have access to technical data to Confirm any processing problems with the booster rounds. Please do not use MadWin Customer Service for your requests, MadWin will not be able to process them due to lack of data. Contact us below as appropriate, SponsorPay (by clicking on'Your Offers') or TokenAds (by clicking on'Offers Status'). Thank you.

Hopefully your Rounds will be assigned! For my part, I gave up this system (too many ads and finally, few credited Rounds)

Good evening!

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