Player iriskel posted a message on 28/02 17:07 on the MadLotto Forum: MESSAGE for WEB!!!!!!!. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  MESSAGE for WEB!!!!!!!
28/02/2008 17:21:12

This is a modified message:
Hello🙋 we

are updating the "account reloadaccount sectionaccount so it is currently unavailable.
Access will be restored in the afternoon, thank you for your patience!

The Web'.

28/02/2008 17:07:16

I alone cannot access the reload page! the display since the beginning of the afternoon is: In processing! so there would be a problem? the customer service does not answer! Since yesterday there are problems on the site ! could you put yourself as an ad ! otherwise you have to keep going to the page ! In the meantime, how do those who want to Play outside free rounds do it? Well, it saves money!!!! THANK YOU WEB for answering!

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