Player diapositif posted a message on 26/02 11:12 on the MadLotto Forum: Birthdayprize points. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Birthdayprize points
19/04/2008 11:29:23

Well, let's see!!! !! 😂 There are some who don't lack air... uh.... of "years" sorry! 😂 🙋

09/04/2008 11:10:07

I don't think the 18-year-old "young people" appreciate it very much.
I think that giving the same number of points to everyone is much fairer so that there is no need to give them...

Otherwise your idea is fine, why not start with a seniority bonus? People who have been registered for longer have more mdp for their birthday'?

29/02/2008 08:09:12

Oh yes, what a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26/02/2008 12:51:47

I think your Idea is not stupid but to Start on a Basis of 25 MP

18 years x 25 = 450 MP
25 years x 25 = 625 MP
65 years x 25 = 1625 MP

I think the Sums of MP given remains reasonable and that would make a little attraction.

So good idea Slide

26/02/2008 11:12:58

We should give 500 billion per year of birthday,
I'm 65 years old, so that would make me, let's see if I think about it:
32,500 billion, the idea is good, isn't it?
I'm kidding (mdr):


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