Player sandrine4033 posted a message on 21/02 22:31 on the MadLotto Forum: CB problem. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

Last lottery draw  9 10 14 15 38 44  : Winners : 602 

Subject :  CB problem
08/03/2008 13:20:03

Hi sandrine ben in my opinion it comes from your card there are ki cards passes all the time and your ben it jams it is weird but it's like that.... a la rigueure will see your bank and ask them biz🙋

21/02/2008 22:31:27

:wave:hi I'm new and addicted since 12 days lolll

I love this site and every day I still discover a trick to earn MDR
points I have to top up my account without any problem and then I had 3 card refusals while I have under lolll!!!

thank you for reassuring me please.|up|

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