Player livior70 posted a message on 22/02 12:04 on the MadLotto Forum: credit problem. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  credit problem
27/03/2008 09:01:00

🙋 when you take credits by sms it is advisable to note it, then re-formulates a request to customer service, usually they answer very quickly.
A tip, by credit card is secure!! Good luck

22/02/2008 12:04:51

hello to all I bought credit almost 3 days ago g Confirm a message to the team and still in...? I would like to get my credit back... I explain I bought credit by sms g had the code and impossible to credit them... it puts me web page untraceable so I would like to have some news please thank you though nothing to say on the site very well kisses to all:wave:

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