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Subject :  Nintendo DS lite
11/09/2009 21:34:30

I am not interested in the additional functions of the Dsi at all. If 1 day I can get enough points, I will just take the DS lite, plus we need less points to get it. So please keep it in the lite.

On the other hand, for the DreamCard, I'm not against you putting the Dsi on the same level as the DS lite.

03/08/2009 14:56:53

That's right, I'll give you that!
But I think that the production lines of the ds lite must be in slow motion...
The availability must surely be justified, as surely for you, by a history of stock to be emptied 😃

03/08/2009 10:51:38

hello 🙋 I don't

quite agree: the DS Lite is still offered by Nintendo for the moment and its price is still significantly lower than the DSi !

The Web'.

01/08/2009 03:24:51

Hello everyone!!!!!

Just a little message about this console.

I don't really understand why it is still proposed on the site since it has become totally obsolete since the release of its sister the nintendo dsi... if someone now has a choice between a dice and a dsi, they will necessarily take the dsi.

So I would like this Round to be updated... especially as far as the DreamCard is concerned... since the ds lite is a prize from one of the levels and it takes away the choice!!!!

Thank you in advance!!!!!

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