Player Arthemis78 posted a message on 24/09 15:41 on the MadLotto Forum: undoubled credits..... Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  undoubled credits....
12/10/2007 13:45:49

Well in fact it also happened to me I had first taken for 15 euros and then no blem it was doubled, then for 5 euros and then I saw that it was not doubled, I contacted customer service who assured me that it had been the case, but as I can't access the corresponding history (given that only the last 80 operations are available by the member) and well what to do?
Never mind, I won a lot of points and had a lot of fun, but next time I won't give up so easily lolll

25/09/2007 08:57:58

Welcome to MadWin and when you encounter this problem indeed you should contact customer service good day

24/09/2007 17:54:21

Hello, it happened to me when I started on MadWin.
Contact customer service and everything should be fine.

24/09/2007 15:41:35

News on MadWin I wanted to get credits with the offer as much bought=as much offered. I bought 3 but I didn't get 3 offered... What to do about it?

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