Player poppers50 posted a message on 17/09 15:28 on the MadLotto Forum: for the follow-up of earnings. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  for the follow-up of earnings
04/10/2007 19:15:30

poppers50 wrote: : ! that's
a very clear answer ! you should replace the customer service 1loup2 because apart from the ! Hello poppers50

πŸ™‹ Since

you are VIP diamond, I advise you to call them directly 🎀 Well a little in

advance I wish you a happy birthday and champagne 🍸

03/10/2007 22:54:40

that's a very clear answer! you should replace the 1loup2 customer service because apart from the "already treated" it tells me nothing else !
so I'm desperately waiting for my harry potter game on wii !
(my birthday is 12/10, so maybe MadWin will make a gesture for these 4 long months of waiting!

26/09/2007 20:51:11

poppers50 wrote: ! you have to
optimize for credits ! I hardly play free games ! all my
winnings come from paid games !! madwin
MadWin the post office as carrier !

Hello poppers50 πŸ™‹

Sorry for your lots lost in the mail or even stolen by them 😈 I actually

had an example and was subjected to it at the beginning of this year by our friends at the post office 😈 Not all the lots

we receive go through Madwin, so MadWin is clear that for them it is impossible to provide us with tracking numbers.

All prizes Next their values are delivered against signature, therefore, if nothing comes I strongly advise you to contact MadWin's customer service by informing them of the prizes sent, all the details of which you will find in the section following your winnings. Only they will be able to contact their supplier so that he can initiate a procedure at the post office level.

A word of advice, be patient! Because when the post office admits it made a mistake! You don't have to be in a hurry to get compensation from them 😈 For the

record, my problem I had with them at the end of December 2006 and I got the refund after five months (458€).

So, to conclude, don't let go (so to speak),MadWin pays the shipping costs for us. Consequently, the post office must fulfil its commitments to these customers!

I hope you will win your case, I hope you will πŸ™y): Have a good

end of the evening and 🍸

26/09/2007 17:30:34

you have to optimize for credits! I hardly play free games !
all my winnings come from paid games !!
MadWin uses the post office as a carrier !

25/09/2007 22:43:34

Hi poppers I find that it is an excellent idea
we have set up this system where I work so that customers connect directly with the code at the carrier, saving time for our customer service
remains to know how MadWin and through which carrier they pass and if it offers this service sometimes expensive
to follow
anyway sorry for your kdos I have never had any problem with our postal friends
if I can ask you a question how we can get to 3 or 4 million points it seems far!πŸ™‹ a +

25/09/2007 12:06:31

Thank you, shrimp!

23/09/2007 19:35:06

Really bad luck I see, on my side I never had this problem I always have everything recuπŸ˜‚ then for your question I don't know if it is possible good continuation

17/09/2007 15:28:38

Hello to all the team and especially to the MadWin Prizes shipping services.
this suggestion is for you.
too often the post office has lost my packages (already 3 harry potter sent and no receipt) and 2 returned.
what would be nice to add in the earnings tracking for the big prizes sent in tracked packages is the tracking number so that we know where to find more than just the customer
service than you think??

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