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Subject :  Yep. Yep.
23/08/2007 15:37:39

Hi Baron,

Since you're talking about plasma screens, I think your message is an answer to mine, entitled "Video projector".

I'm happy to have one more support 😉 For

the plasma screen, I agree, the only thing is that it costs a lot more! I was trying to find a prize for the first duplicate of eldorado or chest 7 of the wanted.... so that you don't have to have 35,000,000 points in your account to buy the prize 😲

23/08/2007 01:37:20

My tributes baron35

Well you ask for things you 🙁y): You don't

want a baroness too 😀😀 Come on a little

humour has never hurt anyone 🎤 Good hunting baron

and 🍸

22/08/2007 15:11:41

yes I think it's a good idea, I'll also lean for a plasma screen!! it would look nice in the window!!!



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