Player cybernad posted a message on 30/12 00:21 on the MadLotto Forum: How to get there?. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  How to get there?
06/01/2007 08:05:21

In short we never had anything without anything damaging I thought I would not become rich on this site but at least who knows how to get a small Wire five euros from time to time
we put our finger in our eye...

🤕 Thank

you for the answers.....

05/01/2007 20:46:16

It's funny, because at first I thought it was the opposite when I started Play certain games.

Finally I arrived a little too naive I think lol....

But hey, I think I'm willing to risk having 6 credits to see how muchSilver we can make.

05/01/2007 02:04:47

there is no trick frankly it is necessary to buy credits and Play games such as wanted or you can take points from other players if you have a good racketeering
experience I can tell you that it brings back a lot of points!

04/01/2007 19:52:55

I totally agree with you.
The only solution seems to be to take credits, in short to pay so that the game gains interest. (or after being lucky, for example on the lottery)

But I don't understand that with free rounds, we don't have access to the Rounds in difficult mode. Why give access only with credits?

Because in the end, there is no challenge. I've already made it through most of the games, but Madpoint's win is often quite ridiculous compared to what I could win with credits.

I am frankly disappointed on the How it Works the game....

Note: bug with quotes that turn into quotation marks. (in write mode = ok, but when you post = bug)

30/12/2006 00:21:20

Hello I'm new and using my free rounds I won1275 pts... how do I get more? An idea would be welcome. That's true if I want a Wire five euros I have to Play almost every day of the year. It's hard, isn't it??
Thanks for the tip.

And happy new year ahead!

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