Player snoup posted a message on 08/01 23:21 on the MadLotto Forum: with 1 credit.... Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  with 1 credit...
10/01/2007 16:12:28

You have several possibilities:

- Round a game with 1 credit (SoloGratt...etc) which will allow you to immediately win MadPoints

- or participate in a tournament with 1 credittournamentPyramidtournament 30 euros for example) and therefore win a Wire or MadPoints if you are among the best scores at the end of the tournament

Good games !

The Web'.

08/01/2007 23:21:20

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hello to everyone and happy New Year!!
my question is very simple: what can we do when there is only one credit on the site (...) ! lol
thank you in advance for your answers! 😉

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