Player Alexthekiller10 posted a message on 28/01 19:33 on the MadLotto Forum: I propose a new payment method!. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  I propose a new payment method!
14/02/2008 23:02:18

Well!!!!! I think I would have several thousand bonus credits 😃 More

seriously, it is not normally possible for the site to perform this action.
Great Prizes won with credits must be paid for with realSilver (euros) and not virtualSilver (madpoints), so it is mandatory to pay to get credits.

Now, it is certain that this possibility has often been proposed by players because it is very interesting... just like the possibility of converting earned Wires into credit purchases directly, thus avoiding a lot of unnecessary operations (sending the Wire, online payment).

To finish, if this solution was chosen, it would first be necessary to compare the price in euro of a credit compared to the conversion madpoint in euros in store..... this would give us an equivalence of 1 credit for 15 000 to 20000 madpoints... or nearly 10 times more than what you propose!

I hope, however, that these possibilities will be explored by the Dream team.

28/01/2008 19:33:16

Good evening,

I propose that we can pay credits with points:

1 credit=2,000 MadPoints+
3 credits= 5,500 MadPoints+ (500 MadPoints+ discount')
5 credits= 9,500 MadPoints+ (1,000 Madpoints+ discount')
10 credits= 17,500 MadPoints+ (2,500 Madpoints+ discount')
25 credits= 45,000 MadPoints+ (5,000 MadPoints+ discount')
50 credits= 90,000 MadPoints+ (10,000 MadPoints+ discount')
100 credits= 175,000 MadPoints+ (25,000 MadPoints discount')

Thanks to the admins' for answering for my proposal, on this topic!;-)

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