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Subject :  reloading by c b b
14/06/2009 15:17:19

Some banks require enhanced verification for online purchases to ensure that the card belongs to you. For example, for the CIC you need what they call "personal keys", you enter the numbers into your account and then you can make your payment.
Uh, it may sound complicated, but it's actually quite simple.

08/09/2008 11:20:25

What do we say when you validate your credit card?
What is the error message?

Make sure the card is compatible (visa card...).

08/09/2008 11:42:17

Hello 🙋 it

should be noted that it is not up to us: we do not have access to your bank account or credit card number. Everything is managed by our bank (CIC).
You may have reached the weekly or monthly spending limit set by your bank (these limits are independent of the amount you have on your account and are therefore activated even if your account is in credit).
It is also possible that your card may be capped by its initial issuer (generally, the grouping of Carte Bleue, VISA or Mastercard).
In any case, it is your bank that you should ask: it will be able to tell you the reason for these refusals of payments.

Good games!
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07/09/2008 19:40:51

Hello I would like to know why I can't buy credit cards since the 4th of today we are the 7th yet there isSilver in my account and I wrote to customer service who didn't answer my question what should I do????????(deg)(deg)(deg)

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