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Subject :  Samsung NC20
06/08/2009 16:57:39

Hello 🙋 The technical

products are guaranteed by MadWin for 1 year.

Good games!
The Web'.

05/08/2009 16:37:48

... or the NC 10 for those who follow the 10 " 😂 Would

it be possible to have the information for the guarantees?

Thank you in advance.

03/08/2009 15:10:33

As I suggested to customer service.

I offer you the samsung NC20 netbook which is one of the best netbooks in 12" at the moment... and in addition it currently has a huge discount on cdiscount, so you can find it at 450 €.

This makes me think that I have a little question about the Prizes won (projector, computers, console), what are the guarantees, for how long (manufacturer's guarantee, extension?), and if I had understood correctly, we must send you the object? (not that I have a problem with a prize, but just to know in case!!)

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