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Subject :  Moneybooker
27/07/2009 22:53:38

Hello everyone!🙋 Webmaster
also retains my proposal to include Amex in the payment methods... first because I think they stop the dissuasive commissions and second because my credit card no longer accepts my payments from you and well I can no longer Play as before... you noticed it? you miss me?😉😂

24/07/2009 16:36:32


it's not planned at the moment, but we keep the suggestion...

The Web'.

23/07/2009 17:42:13


Since the time, I would very much like the moneybooker payment Mode to be available for the purchase of credits.

Not as paypal, where we have to go through codes via rentabiliweb... but a payment (like by credit card) from our account to your account directly.

Could this be possible dear webby?????

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