Player Caydus posted a message on 09/04 16:14 on the MadLotto Forum: 1st recharging. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  1st recharging
13/04/2009 18:20:13

Is there no one to answer me?
Is the forum on this site that dead?

It's still a nuisance and disappointing πŸ™

09/04/2009 23:20:53

I'm just new here...
Moreover, it doesn't answer my questions at all and when I post a message, it doesn't appear 😲 There
is a need for validation from a webmaster for that?

So I wait for my answers before launching myself on the site and making my credit purchases.

Thank you in advance! πŸ™‹

09/04/2009 18:08:35

I am aware of this and it is stated in my message πŸ˜ƒ However
, it does not answer my questions πŸ€”

09/04/2009 17:56:23

HelloπŸ™‹ the

promo you are talking about is exclusively reserved for the first top-up since your registration on MadWinMadWin
If you are a VIP, you can no longer benefit from this offer!

The Web'.

09/04/2009 16:14:35


I would like to know if by recharging my €100 account for the first time by bank transfer, I would get 450 or 900 credits. In addition, would I receive 150 clik for the game pharaoh or 300? With regard to the Accumulative on the DreamCard, how much credit should I accumulate when I reload? 450 or 900? Finally, I understood through the forum that there was a problem with the two exclusive free games with vip status (platinum or previous), has this been resolved? Sincerely.

ps: I have already asked customer service, but it doesn't answer my questions very much?

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