Player titeblonde8910 posted a message on 07/10 22:30 on the MadLotto Forum: search for credit. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  search for credit
09/10/2009 00:44:55

hello titeblonde8910

The crypto is on the back of the card, under the signature.
Otherwise, question inscribed, you're talking about a young card, how old are you? Its absence may be a security to prevent minors from shopping on the net, or from ruining themselves on online gambling sites (casino, fdj etc.)

07/10/2009 22:30:47

Here I just tried to Recharge to get credit but apparently we need an encryption that is on the bank card, but I have a young bank card but I don't see the code. how can I do that.
thank you in advance

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