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08/10/2008 18:34:15

I think you're right, MadWin's elders who are well known to the Webmaster should be able to read their messages and answers immediately after typing them.


30/09/2008 17:29:00

Hello Slide and Hello Poto Cstarcool the future DJ of all time,

Not in my opinion to make the MadWin Forum live again should already improve it by giving more desire to post on it and by removing the Moderation, but on the other hand by appointing Moderators who are also players, it will bring the forum back to life because it's true that I also like to post but when I know that there is a moderation and that the Message sometimes my 3/4 Days to be Validated deforestation our answer comes too late to help players who needHelp and in the meantime they have already left the Site.

So Admin, Web thought of your Forum, a good forum means good mood...

Friendly Always the same, the most beautiful, the strongest, the most intelligent ihihih 😂 I laugh whatever....

And in passing a little kiss to Hercules for the consolation of this Wanted who escaped a Click 😗😗

29/09/2008 16:50:11

it's on its will make the forum live but good for example has a limit of billions per day because if not I think there are people who will abuse it...

to meditate: p

29/09/2008 09:13:29

account the small number of participants in the forum, I suggest that we give madpoints+ to all those who send messages.
Example: : 50 Billion to the one who sends ^ and

Wave: wave:

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