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Subject :  neosurfing
28/07/2008 16:29:44

chakti wrote: ! what does Neosurf Minor mean
? because

there are apparently pre-payment cards for minors since I have few means I wanted to try these paid games at least once when I am of age. thank you for your answer I start at desépérer🌹

27/07/2008 19:13:25

Hello to you.

I confirm that you can take credits by "Neosurf" payment card.

To do this, you go to:

1) Credit purchases (top right of the home page)
2) By prepaid card (bottom left of this page)
3) Then, choose the number of codes you want, and you indicate your email address.
4)You come back to MadWin and you enter one after the other (if you have several) the codes that you will have received by Mail.

Here, I hope that these indications will be useful to you... Good games to you! 🙋 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! A


27/07/2008 19:23:05

What does Neosurf Minor mean?

22/06/2008 22:56:01

(clown)can we use neosurf minor to Play on MadWin when I'm an adult? I think this site is great. Have a good continuation.

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