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Subject :  Hit Parade
23/04/2008 01:01:00

Hello 🙋 Mouais
nutyboy ... but what's the point of seeing at the top of the lists the nicknames that we all already know 🤢 😠 ? and that too well !!😂😀 and then frankly they I think they are 🎤 a little bit too!🤔 But good your proposal has the merit to exist and then is not Grand Vizir who wants... Congrats for your good participation in this forum a little sad 👏

21/04/2008 12:39:49

What if we ranked the best madwineur, in the form of a top ten?
It could be as much the best madwineur of the day, the week, the month where it overlaps with the mega challenge?

I propose 2 different rankings:

- one for credit games,
- one for free games.

A little bit of the "mini challenge" type organized for each free flash game, but this faith is all games combined.


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