Player Uneétoileà20ans posted a message on 24/04 22:02 on the MadLotto Forum: Loss of MadWin points. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Loss of MadWin points
30/04/2010 07:01:44

I don't know the reason for this loss of points. But indeed I have already seen the same thing in my hippo bool Rounds. Already they have modified the countdown in the allocation of madpoints😈.

24/04/2010 22:02:11

Text in italicswrite herewrite here:-v Hello to all people who are likely to see my message that will simply ask why I go from 7700 points and once my Round to the hippo game I find myself with 7500??? dsl if the answer to my question is before my eyes I can't see!!!!! :wave: thank you goodbye

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