Player grosmiko posted a message on 29/04 16:47 on the MadLotto Forum: game BETWEEN WORDS. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  game BETWEEN WORDS
12/05/2010 02:28:50

I was interested in your question because I am like you in the impossibility of knowing how to buy the options on this game. If you click on buy options, nothing is displayed.
64 people went to see your message and nobody
knows the answer.
Not nice players.......
To give an information, there is nobody but to rally there are a lot of people finally, I hope that you will have an answer and so I would be informed
courage me too, there must well have on this forum nice people

29/04/2010 16:47:02

Good morning, everyone.
Can someone tell me how to buy options because I'm trying and it doesn't work? I am new and
this is not explained in the rules

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