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Subject :  DVD Eldorado
22/02/2010 21:55:39

Hello everyone!!!!!

To relieve this very pleasant and competent Customer Service, I propose an improvement on Eldorado.

If you play on the same period in Eldorado and try to quit or double, you can find (at the last level) the same recent dvds or recent dvds that we don't want at all while the one next door would be too awesome.

To remedy this, I would propose a system that would allow you to choose the recent dvd you want to have (like a Loot) rather than winning a fixed dvd. We could otherwise win a Coin that would allow us to choose a dvd in a special shop dedicated to the eldorado... you could make collector dvds or bluray for 1.2 Coins available... which would allow an optimal freedom of choice! (This prinicipe could extend to other games)

What do you think?

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