Player Candy10 posted a message on 18/12 16:03 on the MadLotto Forum: Problem of credits ..!. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Problem of credits ..!
18/12/2009 16:03:54


so there are not even 5 minutes ago, I call the rentabilliweb service to get a code, everything starts well as usual, they give me the beginning of the code and then the voice starts to "bug", they give me the code again a second time and exactly the same, so I paid, but for nothing !
How is it done? Thank you...

29/02/2012 18:43:38


our promises are obviously binding on us!
If you have had a problem for which we would be responsible, Customer Service is at your disposal and will take care of correcting it!

Good games!
The Web'.

29/02/2012 18:34:48

same for the audiotel of the free rounds announced but just announced, the promises do not commit........... will not stay long on this site I have the impression...

19/10/2011 10:10:45

Hello 🙋, This

offer is valid for your first doudinette credit reload61.

If this is your first purchase, contact Customer Service who will regularize your situation.

Good games!

The Web'.

18/10/2011 10:20:37

hello to all.
.. at this time a special offer: reload your MadWin account double your credits...!!!!
I reloaded yesterday by allopass code (sms) but no doubled credits... could
anyone tell me more?..?? thank you in advance

11/10/2011 10:04:56

Hello mcazobon 🙋, I

advise you to clear the cache of your web browser. If your problem persists, contact Customer Service with details of the incident.

Good games!

02/10/2011 21:58:41

Hello, I have 3 notifications to read but I can't access the grid to make the clicks.
What should I do?

26/09/2011 00:02:53

hello, today I won a click in all the free games and this click gives me 2 credits that I couldn't use how it works right away or the next day thank you for informing me

You have your whole life ahead of you to use them 😎🤕😀

24/09/2011 12:20:55

hello, today I won a click in all the free games and this click gives me 2 credits that I couldn't use how it works can we use them right away or the next day please ask me

14/09/2010 19:02:56

Hello, valid for both of you, you must Confirm your request on the form available at the link I present below, be as precise as possible, an answer will then be given within 24 hours approximately: http:


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