Player malice62 posted a message on 06/02 03:26 on the MadLotto Forum: I only got the tickets for the podium, no credit.. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  I only got the tickets for the podium, no credit.
06/02/2006 13:44:30

Hi, don't

worry, it was just a display problem that started on Saturday night and that we fixed this morning.
But all the credits and MadPoints acquired and spent were well taken into account. Another one, it's just the display on the site that wasn't being updated.
The problem is now solved!

A thousand apologies for this inconvenience

The Web

06/02/2006 03:26:50

Hello, I also report it on the forum there was a little problem I don't know why I don't have credits on my account just the podium tickets I didn't play to leave my account history intact..... thanks


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