Player lili290 posted a message on 08/01 16:20 on the MadLotto Forum: small credit debit problem. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

Last lottery draw  9 10 14 15 38 44  : Winners : 602 

Subject :  small credit debit problem
25/01/2006 15:59:16


if you're sure you haven't been debited the right number of credits, I'll be you and post a message to customer service.
If there's really a mistake on their part, they'll probably credit you again...

08/01/2006 16:20:14

I just Play a 1 credit pyramid Round but the problem is that I was debited account 3 credits as well as 3 credits for the 2cdt Rounds, thank you for the explanation!🙁

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